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Films about, for & with music

FAME (Paris International Music Film Festival) yearly presents fictional, documentary, experimental, animation and VR films — all linked by a strong narrative bond to music. FAME showcases portraits of musicians or labels as well as anthologies about musical genres, biopics, audiovisual experiences or fictions in which music plays a crucial role. As part of our mission with the Gaîté Lyrique, we were asked to design audiovisual campaigns, posters and video teasers for editions 2020, 2021 and 2022. We commissioned Paris-based studio Alto to compose the music.


FAME, Gaîté Lyrique


Art direction, Design, Identity, Video editing




Paris (FR)


Alto Music

Large - FAME 22 – Teaser (Music ©Alto)
FAME 22 – Teaser (Music ©Alto)
Large - FAME 22 – Event view
FAME 22 – Event view
Large - FAME 21 – Teaser (Music ©Alto)
FAME 21 – Teaser (Music ©Alto)
Large - FAME 20 – Awards
FAME 20 – Awards
Large - FAME 20 – In-situ
FAME 20 – In-situ