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Filaf 2014 (International Art Book and Film Festival)

Art, books & films

FILAF, the International Art Book and Film Festival, celebrates and rewards the best books and films about art produced in the world during the year. The festival takes place each year during the last week of June in the historic center of Perpignan (FR). We designed the visual identity of the 2014 edition (poster, booklet, cards), art directed and designed the Annual review published by the festival.




Identity, Magazine design, Poster




Perpignan (FR)

Large - FILAF festival 2014 – Logo
FILAF festival 2014 – Logo
Large - FILAF festival 2014 – Poster
FILAF festival 2014 – Poster
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Large - Filaf Annual – Close-up
Filaf Annual – Close-up
Large - Filaf Annual (Portfolio ©Serge Leblon)
Filaf Annual (Portfolio ©Serge Leblon)
Large - Filaf Annual (Portfolio ©Léopold & Till Rabus)
Filaf Annual (Portfolio ©Léopold & Till Rabus)
Large - Filaf Annual (Portfolio ©Juergen Teller)
Filaf Annual (Portfolio ©Juergen Teller)