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Paris Puissance Nous

In 2021, we joined agency Yard in conceiving the identity of newly born Nike Paris antenna. Following the international guidelines of the Nike identity, we developed a typographic identity as well as the launching campaign and its various activations. The evolutive ‘Paris Puissance Nous’ lockup and the overall visual system follow a principle of three power ranges, illustrating speed as well as effort and progression. 

Created ahead of the Olympic Games of 2024 that will be held in Paris, the campaign aims to celebrate these values and shed light on Parisian athletes, professionals or amateurs. Together with Nike, we commissioned Claire Arnold for the videos and Louise Desnos for the photographs of the campaign.


Nike, Yard


Art direction, Branding, Campaign, Motion design, Photography




Paris (FR)


Claire Arnold


Louise Desnos

Large - Paris Puissance Nous campaign (Video ©Claire Arnold)
Paris Puissance Nous campaign (Video ©Claire Arnold)
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@nikeparis cascade
Large - ‘Paris Puissance Nous’ lockup
‘Paris Puissance Nous’ lockup
Large - Paris Puissance Suaverehana
Paris Puissance Suaverehana
Large - Paris Puissance Le 19
Paris Puissance Le 19
Large - Paris Puissance Julia
Paris Puissance Julia
Large - Paris Puissance Nous campaign (Photo ©Louise Desnos)
Paris Puissance Nous campaign (Photo ©Louise Desnos)