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From plastic waste to contemporary art

Plasticocène is an exhibition and an event organized by Polymer at la Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille (FR). It presents contemporary works whose creative processes are part of a reaction and awareness of the pollution of the entire water cycle by plastic waste. The exhibition brings together artists who use plastic waste as a raw material. Plastic is recycled, melted, sculpted and generates a cycle of transformation. Invited artists and collectives: Wendy Andreu, Côme Di Meglio, Marion Flament, Coline Le Quenven, Thomas Mailaender, James Shaw, Elvia Teotski, Maxime Verret, Ateliers Laissez Passer, Gangui Collectif, IGO Studio, Museo Aero Solar, NSDOS, Southwhay Studio.

Polymer invited us to design the visual identity of the event, for which we produced a series of key visuals playing on a magnified representation of nature and a feeling of urgency with a striking red. We delivered all assets in print and digital, as well as the exhibition’s signage.




Art direction, Identity, Strategy, Signage




Marseille (FR)

Large - Poster (120×176cm)
Poster (120×176cm)
Large - Exhibition view
Exhibition view