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The Blaze

Multi-screens live show

Commissioned by Live Nation and Believe, we developed the narrative concept for the identity and communication of The Blaze worldwide tour I Closed My Eyes For So Long (2022-23). Following the title of their show, we imagined a form of digital awakening, where eyes and screens light up and interact above the stage. The ‘no input’ blue screens and the idea of restoring a lost connection were instilled throughout the live show and its communication activations (for instance the full reset of the band’s instagram account).

The scenography of the show offers an immersive audiovisual experience, with 5 rotating screens moving around the stage. We created synchronised visual content for each segment of the show, collaborating with contemporary dancer Imre van Opstal, film director Clarisse Aïn, & illustrator Louis Zieglé.


Live Nation, Believe


Art direction, Identity, Motion design, Video




Paris (FR)

Large - Live show – Virile screens (Video ©Clarisse Aïn, Dancer Imre Van Opstal)
Live show – Virile screens (Video ©Clarisse Aïn, Dancer Imre Van Opstal)
Large - Live show – Event view
Live show – Event view
Large - Live broadcast asset
Live broadcast asset