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TRAX Magazine

Documenting nightlife, music and on-the-move cultures

TRAX is a French monthly magazine established in 1997 dedicating itself to electronic music cultures. In collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Levée (Production Type), we took over the art direction of the magazine from issue #185 (September 2015) onwards. As the monthly designs were developed with released and unreleased typefaces from Production Type foundry, the magazine acted as a hybrid type specimen, where the fonts were directly applied and experimented with. 

This project was featured in the 2021 reissue of ‘Histoire du graphisme en France’ by Michel Wlassikoff, edited by Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.




Art direction, Editorial design, Typography




Paris (FR)

Large - Photo @Charles Negre
Photo @Charles Negre
Large - Photo @Flavien Prioreau
Photo @Flavien Prioreau
Large - Photo @Adeline Mai
Photo @Adeline Mai
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Spreads overview
Large - Illustration @Marie Guillard
Illustration @Marie Guillard
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3D @Area of work
Large - Illustration @Jules Le Barazer
Illustration @Jules Le Barazer
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Covers overview